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Take Control of Your Supply Chain Data Today!

FullConfidence is a supply chain reliability management platform that enables businesses around the world to control their supply chain. This is achieved through our predictive engine which leverages cutting edge machine learning.


Data You Can Trust


01. Seamless Integration

Connect FullConfidence to your Enterprise Resource Planning software to allow for seamless integration and configuration. Manual data upload is also supported with the platform.

02. Predictive Engine

FullConfidence effectively converts historical supplier performance data to give real-time insights into supplier commitments. Our predictive engine helps to effectively forecast if your shipments will be on time.

03. Real-Time Analytics

FullConfidence makes it easy to understand your data and get a snapshot of where the current state of your supply chain stands. With our smart dashboards and real-time analytics, never miss a beat on your supplier information.


Start Leveraging Your Supply Chain Data Today!

study out of McKinsey calculates that AI-enabled supply-chain management has enabled adopters to improve logistics costs by 15%, inventory levels by 35%, and service levels by 65%. Join the movement today!



The Problem

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment just-in-time delivery of critical parts and components drives quality and profitability for small to medium sized businesses. These manufacturers have limited visibility into their sub-tier’s factory and the current process of predicting raw material delivery is often manual and time consuming. 


A key challenge is to manage the supplier reliability to improve cycle times, increase efficiency, reduce consumption, optimizing costs, help maintain lean inventory levels, and of course meet delivery schedules.

The Solution

FullConfidence enables an organization to effectively manage their suppliers by analyzing their supplier data, and using predictive machine learning.


FullConfidence works in parallel with an ERP system, or other systems to ingest and augment the data to accurately predict the overall reliability of suppliers.

FullConfidence delivers interpretive knowledge while taking in customizable external events and factors to see the impact on the reliability score of your vendor.

Stratizant was founded in 2016 with a vision of digitizing business capabilities through neural networks utilizing the ability to process data with the vast computing resources brought to fruition by cloud technologies. 


Today, we have customers ranging from the Fortune 500 to early stage startup companies having completed projects in healthcare, manufacturing, energy distribution, Fintech and insurance.  Our vision is to leverage our knowledge solving customers problems to be both a technology consulting and a strategic product company.  

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