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The Ultimate Suite of Tools for SMMs

FullConfidence is a suite of products using a modularized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMMs). 


Learn about how FullConfidence can predict when your assets need maintenance!

01. Track Assets with Sensors

Track Assets (Machines, vehicles, engines, etc.) in one system and see real time data in beautiful dashboards.

02. Track Health and Monitor

Use the real-time dashboards to view and monitor your manufacturing ecosystem. With customizable ranges and alerts, always be in the know about anomalies in on your floor.

03. Predictive Maintenance

With our proprietary AI/ML model, we take your machine data and predict when the machine will need maintenance, and saving thousands in unplanned maintenance costs.


Start Leveraging Your Manufacturing Data Today!

study out of McKinsey calculates that AI-enabled supply-chain management has enabled adopters to improve logistics costs by 15%, inventory levels by 35%, and service levels by 65%. Join the movement today!



The Problems

  1. Unplanned Downtime: SMMs face an average cost of $260,000 per hour due to unplanned downtime, resulting in potential losses exceeding $1 million within a short period.* There is a pressing need to leverage IoT data effectively to provide observability in context and actionable insights, reducing downtime and increasing overall operational efficiency.

The Solution

FullConfidence's suite of manufacturing tools aims to solve these niche problems in manufacturing and offer synergistic opportunities across modules.

A comprehensive solution combining predictive maintenance using IoT devices and transparent supplier ratings based on delivery commitments versus actuals is required to empower manufacturers, optimize operations, and ensure on-time deliveries while mitigating financial losses.

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